Carrying a little something back home from your trip is a great way to be reminded of all the fun you had on your vacation. And when you are in Italy, buying a souvenir that you can fondly cherish is a no-brainer. So, here are five things you must buy from Italy that will make you nostalgic – one item at a time.
Italy’s perfume scene is quite revered across the world, for Italians have been known for making fine perfumes for centuries. From Rome and Venice to Florence and Milan, there’s a place for everyone to buy a fragrance of their choice. You will find some amazing global brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as local ones like Acqua di Parma and Jusbox.
Italy’s second greatest contribution to the world of food after pizza is its pasta. You can get home a few packets of authentic, handmade dry Italian pasta and cook it yourself. They are available in a variety, including Gnocchi, Tortellini, Farfalle, Campanelle, and more, and are easily accessible everywhere in Italy. Happy slurping, gorgeous foodie!
Florence is the hub of all things leather. You will find a lot of handcrafted leather items like belts, bags, purses, and coats. All these feature exceptionally high quality and durability and even score high on style. The products are meticulously designed and sewn by hand. You can find them everywhere, from extravagant malls to street stalls.
Murano is an island in Italy that garners a lot of love and attention for its glassware. It follows age-old glass-making tradition, with designs exhibiting the rich cultures of the Romans and the Greeks. Each item, including ashtrays, cups, key chains, etc., looks stunning. To avoid buying fake products, you must look for original brands like Original Murano Glass.
People in Italy casually wear hats everywhere they go, and they look absolutely head-turning. There are different kinds of hats, including Boater and Coppola, that were first invented here. You can choose one for yourself from a number of street shops. These hats are made with premium fabric that protects you from the sun and ups your style game at the same time.
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