Move over Rome, Venice, and even you Amalfi Coast. It’s time we explore off the beaten path and to these ten enchanting towns in Italy.
When visiting Italy, you want to feel the country's romance and enchanting ambiance, but this can be hard when surrounded by tourists. Although traveling through scenic Italian cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan is quintessential in any European tour, there is a whole new level of magic hidden within Italy's smaller towns.
If you want to trek off the beaten path, then it's time you consider the charming small towns of Italy that have even more to offer than most tourist traps. From northern Tuscany to the shores of Sicily, here are the top ten most beautiful towns in Italy that you need to witness for yourself (no Amalfi Coast here).
Located on the western shore of Lake Como, Tremezzo is a small commune with only 1,300 residents but a lifetime of beauty. When experiencing the quaint town and its magnificent charm, you can't help but wonder why Tremezzo is so underrated. Even a stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is worth an entire detour to this Italian town.
Reminiscent of Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel, this 5-star accommodation is awe-inspiring. With its mountain views and sparkling lake, Tremezzo is certainly an Italian town that needs to be on your itinerary.
This almost medieval village on the border between Tuscany and Umbria will take you back to a time long before you were born. When you reach the top of Monteleone d'Orvieto's Torrone tower, you can take in breathtaking sceneries of Umbria, Tuscany, and Lazio. Visiting Monteleone d’Orvieto will feel like you died and went to Italian heaven. With its breathtaking views, authentic cuisine, and enchanting history, you may never want to leave.
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Bridges, windmills, and 14th-century ruins make Borghetto, Veneto, a picture-perfect town. With peach orchards and wisteria in bloom, Borghetto is intoxicating for the senses. Let's not forget that the local delicacy is said to be tortellini, and they're not shy with the size and fillings. Yet, if there's only one thing you can see and do here in this beautiful Italian town, it should be crossing the historic Visconti Bridge across the Mincio River. Both historic and picturesque, the Visconti Bridge is the town gem.
Porto Ercole, meaning "Port Hercules," is a seaside town located in southern Tuscany worth an entire trip dedicated solely to itself. With the clear water, architecture, and history, this town in Italy feels as though you're lost in a dream. As a traditional fishing town, sailboats line the harbor on the crystal blue water.
This getaway destination is not new for the rich and famous due to its beauty and relative secrecy. Dip your toes into the high life, put on your chicest sunglasses, and visit Porto Ercole for your next summer vacation.
This town is located in the Basilicata region in southern Italy and is famous for its mountainside surroundings. Additionally, at the center of the town are historic cave dwellings that are now being renovated into hotels for visitors. Although the town was evacuated in 1952 due to poor living conditions, there is plenty to see and do here, including boutique hotels, museums, and churches. If you want to be transported back to the Old World, then Matera, Basilicata is perfect for you.
On the eastern shores of Sicily is Acireale, a village rich with romantic rocky shores, sparkling blue waters, and baroque churches. Mount Etna is responsible for the volcanic rock that lines the town's waters which are perfect for diving off of into the cool sea. If you do find yourself in Acireale, then having fresh seafood is a must. Revel in the perfection, which is the freshly caught seafood that this town has to offer, and realize that you'll never find any better elsewhere.
Bassano in Teverina is a commune in Lazio that, although quite small, is filled with ancient relics and romantic views that haven't changed for centuries. Walking through this town in Italy is like taking a walk in the past and as close as you'll ever get to time travel. Be sure to visit the town's amphitheater, clock tower, and six magnificent churches. Soak in the views and the riches of the old culture of Bassano in Teverina and be swept away by all of its beauty.
In a contest for the most beautiful village in Italy, voted by actual Italians, Tropea won first place. Cited as "la Perla del Mediterraneo," aka "the Pearl of the Mediterranean," Tropea in eastern Calabria is home to wistful cliffs and widespread calming beaches.
We can't forget to mention that Tropea also has a prime view of the Santa Maria dell’ Isola monastery, which is placed perfectly atop a rocky hilltop. When you visit Italy's village, voted the most beautiful of them all, you'll see why travelers from around the globe make the journey to Tropea, Calabria.
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While the main star of Bard is its 11th-century fortress, the entire town is beloved for its fairytale-like aura. Located in northwestern Italy, this town has a minuscule population of 134 residents. Surrounded by mountains, this medieval village is also considered the most preserved of all of Valle d'Aosta. Despite its archaic appearance, there is plenty to do here, including hiking, shopping, golfing, horseback riding, and more. Cross this fairytale Italian town off your bucket list ASAP.
Easily accessible from Rome and only an hour away, Tivoli is not exactly a secret but still definitely underrated. The cobblestone streets and numerous cafés make this stop one for pure peace and leisure. Tivoli is also home to not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the ancient ruins of Hadrian’s Villa and the exquisite 16th-century Villa d’Este. Not to mention that this town also offers world-class restaurants, gardens, and waterfalls. There's almost too much to see and do in this picture-perfect town. The only solution? Find a way to move to Tivoli and never leave.
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