“We are among the first to do so,” says Florentine museum director.
(Photo: ANSA)
(Photo: ANSA)
"The Uffizi was among the first museums to open on December 26 and not only will we do so again …
Warm sea will feed “imposing storm cells”, says forecaster.
Leaders stress need for full cooperation.
A win unimaginable until recently, like stadium tour, say the Bergamo band.
Only AC Milan is ending the year less than 10 points behind Serie A frontrunner Napoli.
Desire of all parties is to find a European solution, says foreign minister.
Mario Martone's Mob drama is Italy's candidate for the Oscars.
Andrea, Matteo and Virginia perform at the Festival of Remembrance.
Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo says that the club has betrayed him, and that he is being actively forced out, adding that he has no respect for manager Erik Ten Hag.
Isolate the human traffickers, not Italy, says premier.
New proposed levy set to be introduced next year.
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