BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – Saturday was the second day of the 43rd annual West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival.
The 43rd annual Italian Heritage Festival kicked off Friday. The festival returns after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.
Elizabeth Celluarle says she is just happy that the festival is back and everyone is together once again.
“I think just the togetherness overall. I think it makes people feel relaxed and happy. You do have some people that may still be afraid, but I love to see that people aren’t afraid to intermingle anymore. At least not to the capacity they were in the past. I think it will be great for businesses again because I know everyone has struggled with the closures and the cutbacks due to COVID so it’s nice to see a little more normalcy.”
This is a 43-year-old tradition for Italians and Italian culture. The festival includes music, food, and a parade but it’s a staple in a community like Clarksburg.
“We’re very happy to be here. We love the atmosphere of festivals. We actually got our start doing festivals in Maryland. we have two restaurants. One in Morgantown and one in Uniontown, but our start was making homemade yonkie and meatballs”
The Harrison County Commission granted festival organizers $3,000 in funding. The streets are filled with people it’s obvious the Italian Heritage Festival means a lot to the city.
“I can see just being here over last night and even setting up on Thursday how important it is to the city of Clarksburg to bring people together. It just creates an atmosphere of nostalgia and yesteryear that you just don’t get nowadays anymore.”
The West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival will conclude Sunday with an outdoor mass starting at 10 am.
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