09 September, 14:26
ROME – “Cultural heritage and ecological transition” is the title of a roundtable that will be held Sept. 14 at Rome’s Palazzo Farnese as part of European Heritage Days 2022.

The event will be held at 6:30 PM in the Salone d’Ercole of Palazzo Farnese and will be open to the public, bringing together six French and Italian figures well known in the culture, heritage and ecological transition spheres.The appointment will mark the start to the Farnese Dialogues of autumn 2022.

The roundtable will be a chance to explore relations between heritage to preserve and change to effect. It will also present different initiatives underway and identify strategies necessary for the creation of synergies between institutional bodies of the cultural sphere and those of ecological transition, the French embassy said in a statement.

The event will be introduced by Ambassador Christian Masset.

The roundtable held in partnership with Edison will focus on the protection and valorisation of cultural heritage and the need for a transition to renewable energy as well as sustainability at all levels: restoration, tourism, ecological impact of museum activities and relations with different territories on the basis of their geological and human characteristics.

The embassy noted that ecological transition, which is a commitment taken at the EU level and made more urgent by climate change is also among the priorities for the Recovery and Resilience Plan of France and Italy.
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