Italy PM Mario Draghi has given the go signal to proceed with the proposed 10-MW binary cycle geothermal power plant in the Abbadia San Salvatore in Tuscany.

Italy Prime Minister Mario Draghi has given the green light for a 10-MW binary geothermal power plant in the industrial area of Val di Paglia at the foot of Mount Amiata in the Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena) municipality, Tuscany. The project was proposed by Sorgenia and will be the first geothermal power plant in Italy that is now operated by Enel Green Power.
The decision of the PM overturns the rejection of the project by the Superintendencies for environmental reasons. After unsuccessful mediation between the Superintendencies via the Ministry of Culture and the Tuscany Region, the decision fell at the hands of the Council of Ministers who ultimately decided in the affirmative.
The proposed power plant will also be the first in Italy to use binary cycle technology. Those who support the project have highlighted the lack of emissions of this type of power plant. It is expected to go online not earlier than 2027. According to the forecasts of the project, it will supply the power needs of 32,000 families and will help avoid emissions of up to 40,000 tons of CO2.
According to the regional regulations, Sorgenia will need to conduct geological investigations with focus on the subject of subsistence. The company will also need to provide a report on the compensatory reforestation effort including details on the choice of plant species, density, plant spacing, and care.
Source: Corriere di Siena and t24


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