There is a new survey out about how Americans, as well as the rest of the world, are doing Italian food – wrong!  
You’re doing Italian food all wrong, say Italians according to YouGov America Feb 3, 2022
I remember years ago Jon Stewart on the Daily Show roasted a mayoral candidate for eating a pizza with a knife and fork.  This was an ongoing theme to the show of how out of touch with New York someone could be if he was eating pizza with a fork!  The horror!
Apparently there are other transgressions we are all committing that are offending the arbiter of how to eat Italian.
So what is Bedford thinking?  Do you think it’s unacceptable to do the following? (just a small sample of the larger list.) Check all you feel are UNACCEPTABLE
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Chef Boyardee is a high crime against Italian food. Drowning food in garlic is too. Italian-born and raised in the Campagnia region, my bella momma cooked with the essence of garlic and/or onion. She would saute these allium in olive oil and then pluck them out before adding the main components. Aahh … sempre perfetta e deliziosa!
Funny story about seafood pasta. I ordered a dish in a restaurant in Italy (local to my family, not a tourist spot) and the waiter marched over and snatched the grated cheese from me as I was sprinkling it on the dish. Apparently I offended him and/or the chef! So, word of warning, never put cheese on a seafood pasta dish when in Italia!
can you add an option for “none of the above”? thanks!
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