LAS CRUCES, N.M. (TCD) — The co-owner of popular restaurant Forghedaboudit was arrested after allegedly fatally shooting his wife and business partner.
According to a news release from the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office, on Sept. 18 at approximately 7:42 p.m., deputies responded to the 6000 block of Vista del Oro to a report of an injured female resident. A female, later identified as Kimberly Yacone, 48, the co-owner of the restaurant, was found deceased in the home.
According to KOAT-TV, upon further investigation, authorities learned the victim got into a domestic dispute with her husband, Robert Yacone, and he allegedly shot her at least two times, once in the face and another time in the back.
The victim’s stepson reportedly drove to his father’s home and found her in a pool of blood. The son, Nick Yacone, 21, also found a 12-gauge shotgun, and he initially thought his father might have taken his own life, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports.
The son reportedly told authorities his older sister, Caleigh Yacone, told him that their father called her and admitted to shooting their mother.
Shortly after Nick Yacone found his mother, Robert Yacone came back to the home and crashed his car into the garage, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports.
The Sheriff’s Office said they had reason to believe the suspect was armed, and shots were exchanged. Robert was reportedly transported to a hospital for gunshot wounds, and his condition is unknown.
According to KOAT, it was later determined that Robert was not armed.
Robert Yacone faces charges of first-degree murder and receipt, transportation or possession of a firearm or destructive device by certain persons, records show.
Kimberly and Robert Yacone reportedly opened Forghedaboudit in 2013.
The Sheriff’s Office responded to the couple’s home multiple times throughout the year, including two times for alleged domestic abuse. In 2020, Robert was reportedly arrested for domestic battery, but the charge was dropped.
According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the victim sought protective orders against her husband for alleged domestic violence in February, March, and August, and her husband made allegations that he was being abused by her.
In February, Kimberly Yacone allegedly filed for divorce, but she paused the process in March.
On Sept. 16, Kimberly Yacone was ordered to leave their home, and her husband was given temporary custody of their minor child, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports. Before the victim’s death, the couple had a hearing scheduled for Sept. 26.

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