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Updated: September 7, 2022 @ 12:23 pm
As August 2022 comes to its end, we enter that time of year we most associate with family and good food, the holidays. We celebrate them on the same days, but not in the same ways.
As I’m half Italian, our family’s feast days often feature homemade Italian meals or Italian-American immigrant cuisine. After a big bowl of handmade cavatelli and a glass or two of Sangiovese, food names and family names sort of blend together. After all, they almost always end with a vowel or two. It’s amazing how many people you’ll meet as you doze off …
Luigi: “Al! Hey, look, everybody, it’s Al Dente! And over there is Cal Amari. Cal, you old S.O.B., what are you up to these days?” 
Cal: “Got my hands full with five kids to feed.”
Luigi: “You got a picture?”
Cal: “Do I got a picture, you ask? Is the Pope Italian?”
Al: “Well, technically, no. C’mon, Cal, let’s see the picture!”
Cal: “So, from left to right, there’s Pesto, Ziti, Scampi, and the twins, Barolo and Barbera. And of course, my wife, Anisette.”
Luigi: “A beautiful family. That little boy, Scampi, looks like he’s smirking at Ziti.”
Cal: “Yah, he’s the shrimp of the bunch, but a tonno trouble.”
 Sal Siccia (Joining the group): “Eh, cumpari! Let me introduce my new neighbor, Val Policella. She just bought the old house on Cacciatore Street where Tony Gamberoni lived, may he rest in peace. Say, wasn’t there another Tony on that block?”
Cal: “Sure. Tony Panettoni and his cousin, Calzone were just two doors down.” 
Val: “Nice to meet everyone. Sal’s told me a lot about you boys. I hope only the good part is true. I hear you’ve been pals since high school at Santa Maria Carbonara. I have friends who went there. Did you know Paula Panzanella, Connie Capuccino, or Fiore Focaccia?”
Al: “Know them? Connie and I were dating for two years. I hear she and Bruno Braciole got married.”
Val: “They did. I was the maid of honor, and my sister, Pancetta, was a bridesmaid. Connie now has six children, three boys, three girls: Asiago, Abruzzo, and Risotto, and Capellini, Chianti, and Marsala.”
Luigi: “I’ll bet you know Provolone’s, that great Italian restaurant on Prosciutto Street.”
Val: “Oh, sure. We go there all the time. I’m good friends with their wine steward, Monica Montepulciano. Her sons, Montalcino, Orvieto, and Prosecco, are friends with Connie’s boys.
Luigi: “For some reason I’m hungry. Let’s go grab a pizza!”
I awoke from my culinary dream, still feeling hungry, and noticed I had drooled on my pillow. “Pizza,” I moaned. “Pizza  …”
Do yourself a favor and a flavor: Next week make one homemade Italian dinner from a family recipe or online cookbook. If you don’t like to cook, go out to dinner at one of our fine Italian restaurants on the Coastside. intends to barbecue this Labor Day, then shift gears to Italian and New Mexican food. Oh, and, of course, turkey on a certain November day.   
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