Among the best experiences one can have while traveling is being able to see the culture of each nation up close, filling a wealth of images and techniques that, as is often the case with art, tell so much about the place from which they come. It is difficult, however, to travel to the other side of the world to discover the culture of distant nations rich in history, such as Taiwan, which is why the Noi Altri Cultural Association with NOI Libreria in Milan has created the TATO (Taiwan on Tour) project, to physically bring part of the Asian state’s artistic heritage to Italy in a journey that touches four cities.
The project travels in a 1979 FIAT 238 van decorated in the colors of the Taiwanese flag, bringing a selection of works, books, illustrated projects and stationery selected through a careful research project to Italy.
TATO’s journey has already touched Milan and Vicenza and in the coming weeks will stop in Turin (for Graphic Days on September 17-18) and Bologna (for Fruit Exhibition from September 30 to October 2). The tour will then conclude again in Milan, from November 6 to 20, hosted by BookCity Milano.
Each stop will feature an exhibition highlighting the work of eight Taiwanese women artists, showcasing the landscape, influences and style of a rich and fascinating artistic culture.

Austrian photographer Ness Rubey‘s shots are concepts that become reality. In fact, Rubey’s creative process differs from that of her colleagues because she reverses what normally happens. 
If may perte of photographers start from an idea and try to turn it into an image, into something concrete, Ness Rubey almost always has the final result already clear in her head, the final shot already exists in her imagination, all the work is only to realize it, to be able to share it with the world. 
She then finds inspiration in whatever surrounds her, from a city glimpse to a person she crosses at the supermarket. This results in deeply diverse projects ranging from portraits to landscapes to artistic nudes. For Ness Rubey, there are no limits. 
Check out Ness’s entire output on her website and Instagram profile
Looking out of the porthole of an airplane, it is always fascinating to see what the erra looks like from above, with its unexpected geometries and the shapes of lakes, roads and rivers that are hard to imagine from the ground. It is precisely because of this unusual vantage point that aerial photography or photography taken with flying devices is one of the most fascinating, so much so that each year the “Drone Photo Awards” elects the best of the past twelve months in a competition.
Once again this year, the best shots captured by drones, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, hot air balloons, blimps, kites and parachutes were voted for by an international jury of photographers and experts.
Tens of thousands of photos participated in the Drone Photo Awards 2022, taken by professional or amateur photographers from a hundred countries, numbers that make the competition the most important worldwide among those dedicated to aerial video and photography.
The shots are divided by categories, from nature and animals to sports and abstract photography. It is interesting to see from the award-winning photos the weight of the human figure in the landscape. The order of boats on the Buriganga River in Bangladesh, or skiers competing in the snows of Szklarska Poręba on the Czech-Polish border, show all the beauty and harmony of human activity embedded in nature.
Winning the Drone Photo Awards 2022 was “Big Bang,” the shot by Frenchman Armand Sarlangue that shows a fissure opened near the crater of the Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall. A fissure that appears to lead straight to hell.

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It can happen sometimes, especially at the beginning and end of summer, that the warm light of sunset enters our homes and transforms those rooms that we are often bored with and would love to change. Rays ranging from yellow ochre, to deep orange, to fiery red envelop anything they encounter for a few moments before the sun disappears over the horizon. It is precisely in those moments that Magda Nałęcz unleashes her creativity, slinging her camera and capturing those colors and atmospheres. 
Magda Nałęcz is a Warsaw-based photographer who is widely followed on Instagram, where more than 75 thousand followers are enraptured by the beauty of her shots every day. 
These are images in which dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms are illuminated by natural light, creating plays of light and shadow. In fact, the latter are the real protagonists of her compositions: feminine and sensual silhouettes are reflected on the walls of the houses
Elements such as glass, windows and mirrors are all used to best frame the shadows of bodies. Thus, with originality and simplicity, Magda Nałęcz offers us extremely intimate photographs in which it is possible to mirror ourselves because the shadow of that hand caressing the neck of a wine glass could be our own. is a Web Magazine dedicated to contemporary creative culture and a Creative Studio specialized in counselling, creative direction and content production.


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