Many festival-goers from European countries met in Rome on 18 September for the music festival “A Time for Hope: Freedom for Öcalan”.
Throughout the festival some prominent Italian musicians like Daniele Silvestri, Fiorella Mannoia, Elio Germano, Pierpaolo Capovilla and the Cattivi Maestri, and the Kurdish musician Hani Mojtahedy & the Moon took to the stage.
Amedeo Ciaccheri, the head of 8th Rome Municipality commemorated those who lost their lives in ISIS attacks and saluted the struggle of the Kurds calling for freedom for the imprisoned Kurdish leader, Abdullah Öcalan.
The famous actress Anna Favella read sections from Öcalan’s writings referring to his evaluations on women’s liberation struggle.
During the festival, Alessandro Orsetti, whose legendary and highly respected son, Lorenzo Orsetti lost his life in the fight against ISIS said that his son dreamed of another world and therefore struggled for his ideals. Noting that his son’s struggle is embraced all over Italy, Orsetti emphasised that he would always follow in his son’s footsteps.
Oscar-winning actor Elio Germano also read some of Öcalan’s writings, demanding his freedom so as to be able to build a better future.
The famous Italian cartoonist, Zerocalcare said that without Öcalan’s thoughts and ideas in Rojava, all of the success would not have happened.
“What we are trying to tell the Italians here is that if we really want success there, then we should want Öcalan’s freedom in the same way,” said Zerocalcare.
The festival continued with the performances of Italian and Kurdish musicians.
Pierpaolo Capovilla and Cattivi Maestri played rock and Hani Mojthadey also performed throughout the festival.
The whole festival can be watched here.

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