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McDonald’s is entering the NFT world again, this time with a triple cheeseburger NFT competition. Working closely with Italian digital artists, McDonald’s Italy has created this NFT to celebrate the Triple Cheeseburger launch across the country.
Customers can win one of these NFTs by purchasing a Triple Cheeseburger on the restaurant’s app from March 12th to April 5th. To check if you’ve won, enter the receipt code on the website to instantly find out.
Notably, the winners must own a digital wallet to collect their McDonald’s NFT. What’s more, once they have won, they can choose to hold it or sell it. The NFTS will be accessible on OpenSea in the coming days. So, although the competition isn’t available to those outside Italy, you will find them on the secondary market.
The iconic fast-food chain has picked three unique young artists to highlight the promotion. Daniele Tozzi, who specialized in calligrams; Serena Gianoli, an illustrator; and Nicola Laurora, a designer. The rapper Ghali helped McDonald’s to find talented artists.
“We wanted to celebrate our iconic sandwich with something that would last over time, that could be preserved, like a memory but digital”, Raffaele Daloiso, marketing director of McDonald’s Italy, explained.
Meanwhile, each artist has come up with a McDonald’s NFT design to celebrate the triple cheeseburger launch. Reportedly, each has 100 NFT copies. This means that, in total, there are 300 NFTs for customers to win.
Ghali, the rapper who has been in numerous collaborations with McDonald’s, said, “In this way, McDonald’s is democratizing the art world bringing it closer to the youngest: it is a path that I personally support and of which I am really proud. “
Although it is the first NFT by McDonald’s Italy, it is not the first by the global brand. Firstly, McDonald’s China launched a Big Mac NFT collection in October. Following the success of this, McDonald’s USA launched a Twitter competition to win a McRib NFT. 
It is unclear how McDonald’s will utilize NFTs next. However, due to the success of their recent NFTs, it won’t be long before we see a wider launch, perhaps on a global scale. 
One aspect that McDonald’s may choose to use NFTs in the future may be logistics. The McDonald’s brand has a substantial worldwide logistical operation. Blockchain technology and smart contracts are highly effective in these areas, and McDonald’s could also use them for patents, etc.
Logistics companies dream of having a traceable supply chain from start to finish, which is unalterable. Now, thanks to the advancements in technology, the rise of web 3.0 and everything listed above, this is a real possibility.
NFT technology is going to change the world, in one way or another. For McDonald’s, this NFT collection is just the start.
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