EG caught up with Cristina Lazic to talk about her ADE experience, the progress of the female artist in the electronic scene, her social roles, and more.
EG: Hi Cristina! How are you? It’s a pleasure to catch you here in Amsterdam. How was your ADE experience?
Cristina Lazic:  It was my first ADE after quite some time, and I truly loved the experience. Amsterdam is also a place where the raving culture is very established, you can see it from the way in which clubs are organized, the amazing sound systems, and well-behaved and educated audiences.
I loved going to listen to some of my favorite artists play (like Enzo Siragusa and Archie Hamilton), and I was happy to meet several friends from the industry. I had the chance to hear a couple of great talks at the space, and to see an amazing audio-visual experience by Joris Voorn. I feel like I have come back from ADE convinced that the music industry is more buzzing than ever, that the industry is full of experienced and smart professionals and in general I am quite satisfied with the networking I have done during the days of the conference.

EG: What do you think about the progress of the female artist in the electronic scene?
Cristina Lazic: I find this fascinating, as in an industry that was historically male-dominated, it’s great to see that also women are given a voice, compared to just even 5 years ago. I also like to see more women supporting each other with initiatives like, the community of women that I belong to, but also other female communities like Future Female Sounds and Women In Music.
There is still a lot to do though: I would like to see even more females in festivals and clubs lineups, and especially more women producers. In my genre, minimal, you have a very little amount of female producers – but I hope that things will continue to improve as time goes by.
EG: What have you been doing with at ADE?
Cristina Lazic: I have worked on multiple fronts. For example, I have led Google’s #IamRemarkable workshop, of which I am a facilitator, for the women involved in the She Grows mentorship program. Currently, I am leading’s parenthood efforts at a global level. Sometimes (as it happened at IMS and ADE) I DJ for We kicked off the Parenthood Committee during the pandemic, in April 2020. We initially started attending a variety of events, in order to raise awareness of the fact that the industry has a problem: there is not enough support for professionals in music with kids.

EG: How do you combine your personal life, your work as a DJ, and your work at Google?
Cristina Lazic: I am trying to be very organized and committed to splitting my time in a way that allows me to continue my full-time job, do music, and be a good and responsible mother. I love producing, and this takes a lot of time. On a normal day, I’d wake up early, bring my daughter to school, and have calls/meetings for Google all day. I then spend time with my daughter until she goes to sleep, and I do music-related “duties” (production, digging, etc) at night. At Google I work in the brand & reputation marketing team, leading a beautiful program called Italia in Digitale, made of a variety of initiatives that Google has implemented to help Italian SMBs and people accelerate digital transformations.
EG: How is your creative process and what equipment do you use?
Cristina Lazic: I use an Ableton Push 2, a Novation keyboard, and a great Apollo Twin X sound card (very recommended!). And up next I’ll buy a Behringer TD-3-AM. Between now and January, I also have the goal to create a dedicated studio at home, which I want to equip with proper studio speakers and more machines.
I normally like to take time for myself (generally at night, when everyone is asleep) and compose music starting with synths and melodies. I then add drum rack elements, basslines, and after the various additional elements like pads, FXs, vocals, etc. I started making music at the age of 14; just yesterday, I was talking to a friend about the three songs I composed and wrote in my teen years, and this memory made me smile… I can see that music production is something I have always loved to do, and that has always accompanied me.
EG: Are you immersed in the production of a new record?
Cristina Lazic: I have several tracks ready, which I am looking into placing with labels as we speak. In the long run, I have the goal to produce a full album in collaboration with female vocalists, all coming from a variety of genres. I hope to be able to involve pop, R&B, and jazz vocalists, for example. I didn’t have the physical time yet to kick off this work, but I hope I’ll do it soon.
EG: Thank you for your time, Cristina! We wish you all the best! 
Cristina Lazic: Thanks! See you soon!
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