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A total of 7 million Italians are expected to set off for the All Saints’ Day, in line with the pre-pandemic, according to a report provided by Federico Confindustria, while the same notes that such forecasts have been made following a favourable calendar and good weather.
The report says that a total of 85 per cent of them will remain in Italy, spending an average of two nights away from home, mainly with friends and relatives, but also in hotels where the occupancy rate surpasses 70 per cent, with peaks of 84 per cent in Rome, reports.
“They will visit the cities of art, in particular: Rome, Florence and Venice and the small villages, but many will also opt for a few days of relaxation at the spa. For compatriots who decide to enjoy a bridge across the border, the European capitals with Paris and Barcelona at the top will be preferred, while those travellers who want to enjoy the spills of this summer queue will choose the sea of ​​the Canaries and Malta,” the statement of Federturismo Confindustria reads.
Authorities in Italy have managed to welcome a large number of international tourists, despite increases linked to energy costs and other difficulties.
However, the industry continues to face significant challenges. A recent report provided by the Italian Office of Statistics showed that for a period between January and August this year, the number of overnight stays registered in Italian accommodation spots increased by a total of 74.7 per cent compared to 2021 figures.
In this regard, the vice president of Confturismo-Confcommercio, Luciano Serra, emphasised that in Italy, the tourism industry has been and remains undefined after, since 2012, there is no national definition of which businesses, activities and tourism professions are related to the sector.
“The first thing to do by sitting at the table of the Strategic Plan of Tourism or – he continued – is, therefore, to urgently define a list at least of tourism businesses and professions that responds to the reality of the market and is shared by the Ministry and the Regions: and this must be fixed list with a national standard,” he pointed out.
As of 28.1 million beds were available across a total of 597,000 accommodation establishments for tourists in Europe last year, the figures provided by the European Office for Statistics, Eurostat revealed.
The same source revealed that Italy and France accounted for more than one-third of all available beds, with a total of 5.1 million beds placed more specifically.


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