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PALMERO, Italy – The Italian Religio Romana organization, Pietas – Comunità Gentile has constructed and dedicated another small Temple to Neptune. The last similar temple they erected was to Apollo in the city of Taranto this past September. Over the past two decades, the group has built a number of temples across the Italian peninsula: one to Jupiter in Rome, one to Minerva in Pordenone, another to Apollo in Palermo, and a temple complex to Apollo in Ardea.
In December of 2020, Pietas was officially recognized under Italian law as a valid national religious community. This has helped to further legitimize the Religio Romana tradition they practice.
Pietas’ leader and Pontifex Maximus, Giuseppe Barbera Hermes Helios, spoke with The Wild Hunt and explained that opening these sites must be a central mission of Pietas. He said “Pietas maintains that with the entry into the Aquarius era the return of the God Neptune is predestined with the prerogatives connected to him: knowledge, development of sacred mysteries, sudden changes in society. Several members of the gentile community have received the request from the God of the sea to build a temple for him through dreams.”
The temple was consecrated on November 10 of the 2775th year AVC  (2022 CE) with a pilgrimage by the initiates of the Palermo community to the temples of Neptune and Apollo. The procession was led by the Pietas pontiff. Helios said that a cistern was built near the temple, filled with seawater from the Gulf of Palermo. The temple of Neptune in Palermo now has a rector priestess dedicated to him and who attends to the needs of the Pietas community in Palermo including the training of future priests for the temple.
Processional to the temples – courtesy
Processional to the temples – courtesy
Processional to the temples – courtesy
Helios explained that November 10 was a day dedicated to the Gods Apollo and Neptune, frequently companions of important actions in the myth, such as for example in the construction of the walls of the city of Ilium, the Troy of the Homeric myth.
Helios added that “the oracles of Neptune collected by the priests from Pietas speak of an imminent change, which will take root on November 28th. The God of Neptune spoke of the rebirth of paganism and Gentile Traditions, but also of difficult events that the world will face, in the face of which Neptune gave a promise of salvation to pious people who honor the sacred: and thus offerings of myrrh and wine they were poured on the temple altar for the welfare of all those good pagans who love the Gods with a sincere heart.”
“The return of the Gods starts from their manifestations and the temples bear witness to this,” Helios said.  “More and more temples are being born because times are changing and paganism is recovering its freedom of expression after centuries of suppression. Glory to the Gods.”
Pietas Temple to Neptune – Courtesy
Pietas Temples of Apollo and Neptune – Courtesy
The offering of seawater to Neptune – Courtesy
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OJAI, Calif. – Commons of Modern Pagans and Spiritual Seekers (COMPASS) is organizing two Spirit Walks to take place in December.
A Spirit Walk is described by the organizers as “a gathering of people who come together to represent the spirit world and walk as a group, during the darkest part of the year. They walk to emphasize the dark during the ‘season of light.’ Not a Halloween concept, but a Yule one, the spirit walk honors the beings of the Winter Solstice: elves, fairies, ancestors, house spirits, Krampus, Belsnickle, land wights, and yes, even St. Nick. Dressed as those spirits, they carry lanterns and trudge silently toward the Winter Solstice and through the bustle of holiday shoppers, a quiet reminder of the ‘spirit’ of Yule.”
The two Spirit Walks are scheduled for this December in southern California:
The Ventura Spirit Walk on December 3, 2022, will gather in the alley behind the parking structure on Santa Clara and Main at 5:00, and walk in silence to the mission and back.
The Ojai Spirit Walk on December 16, 2022, will meet at the post office on Ojai Ave and Signal, and walk in silence east to Montgomery and back.

The Spirit Walks are free and open to anyone, and participants are encouraged to don masks and apparel reflective of the purpose of the walk.

Upcoming Events:

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Positively Noteworthy
The last lunar eclipse of 2022 occurred last Tuesday. It was a total eclipse of the moon and another total lunar eclipse will not occur again until March 15, 2025. In 2023 there will be two lunar eclipses, a penumbral lunar eclipse on May 5, and a partial lunar eclipse on October 28. A penumbral eclipse creates a diffuse shadow or shading on the face of the moon. A partial eclipse obscures part of the moon, as though a bite had been taken out of it.
However, there will be a total solar eclipse on April 20, 2023, but it will only be visible in Australia and the surrounding region of the globe.
If you missed the last lunar eclipse of 2022, below is a time-lapse video that contains 3612 frames captured at four-second intervals on Nov 8, 2022, from 1:57 am – 6:02 am MST in the Grants subdivision of the Baca Grande near Crestone, Colorado USA (an IDA International Dark Sky Community). The video was shot and compiled by Mike Lewinski.
According to NASA, the red color of the moon during part of the eclipse is due to Rayleigh scattering, “The same phenomenon that makes our sky blue and our sunsets red causes the Moon to turn red during a lunar eclipse. It’s called Rayleigh scattering. Light travels in waves, and different colors of light have different physical properties. Blue light has a shorter wavelength and is scattered more easily by particles in Earth’s atmosphere than red light, which has a longer wavelength.”

Tarot of the week by Star Bustamonte
Deck: Dancing in the Dark Tarot, by Gianfranco Pereno and Lunaea Weatherstone, published by Lo Scarabeo.
Card: Major arcana, XXI (21), The World
The week ahead is liable to have the feel of being in a liminal space and tinged with anticipation of what is yet to come. Recognition of a cycle being completed and another soon to begin, is key for this week.
Conversely, refusal to accept what is final and done is likely to result in feeling fragmented and disconnected, hampering the ability to move on.
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