With lesser crowds and lower prices, winter is a great time to see the best of Italy, and these places are great to begin with.
Winter in Italy is something worth experiencing at least once. Besides its rich history and abundance of attractions, this country also has ski resorts and all the exciting things that make a winter vacation enjoyable. From the delicious city of Naples to the stunning renaissance art of Florence, here are some of the most charming destinations to visit this winter.
Winter is Venice promises scenery and lots of adventures. With the city featuring attractions such as the Jewish Museum, the Venetian Islands of Murano, and Museo Leonardo da Vinci, there is so much to waiting to be explored here. Winter in Venice also offers visitors the opportunity to ride in a gondola through the fog, go ice skating in Campo San Polo, or enjoy a cool evening with a Venetian hot chocolate while watching the mesmerizing winter sunsets.
Lovers of skiing, racing, hiking, biking, and entertainment will love Courmayeur. With the town hosting one of Italy's best ski resorts, visitors will be presented with amazing scenery and a host of winter adventures. Ski lifts, cable car rides, and lots of restaurants offering delicious food are available in this town.
The historic city of Florence is one of the best places to be all year round. During winter, visitors will be presented with plenty of activities, from art exploration to shopping. Visitors to Florence during the winter can begin their adventure by shopping at Santa Croce Market before heading to Accademia Gallery to see its spectacular historical collections. Also, try out some Tuscan food and Italian Wine. Christmas in Florence is also something worth experiencing at least once.
Naples enjoys mild weather during winter and lots of wind. This is just the perfect weather one needs to see the city’s ancient ruins and also learn about the city’s history and culture in one of its museums. Winter in Naples is also a great time to try out the city’s amazing food, from Pizza to Pasta. Naples is also a great place to take day trips to destinations like – Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii.
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Mount Livata is a well-known winter holiday destination due to the opportunities it offers for skiing and hiking during winter. The ski resort has several hotels nearby from where one can get views of the snow and the mountains. For an exciting time in this winter destination, enjoy a beer or a meal with friends at the bar and then go horse riding or biking through the mountains and enjoy the winter scenery as well as the country of the ski resort.
Situated on the Island of Sicily, this city comes with amazing winter scenery and lots of opportunities for adventures. The city is endowed with impressive architecture, theaters, and museums that shed more light on the city’s interesting culture and history. Catania experiences mild weather during winter, which makes it perfectly suited for visiting some of the city’s attractions, some of which include – Valley of the Temples, Favignana, the beach of Isola Bella, and the Greek Theatre. When in Catania, try out Arancini – one of Catania's beloved street food and also learn new Christmas Traditions and enjoy Beer and Motiva at the Beer festival.
Well known for its theaters, museums, gardens, restaurants, opera houses, and several art galleries, Turin has all that’s needed for an enjoyable winter vacation. Turin is significantly colder than many parts of Italy during winter, but this does not make it any less appealing. The cold brings snowfall which often makes the city picturesque and great for some winter adventures. Skiing is one of the most popular things to do in Turin during winter, but there are so many other things to see and do while in this city. To begin, check out the Egyptian Museum, the Shroud of Turin at the royal Cathedral of Turin, and also dine on a delicious meal in one of the city’s restaurants.
Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is a destination worthy of a winter vacation in Italy as there is a lot to see and do. The historic old town is a great place to begin an exploration of this city, and one can also explore the Costello district, which is the most ancient part of the city. For more adventures, one can head to the long beach, eat out with friends at a restaurant, or purchase some souvenirs at Via GGaribaldi.
Popularly known as the eternal city, Rome is a great place to be all year round. With an abundance of history, art, ornate architecture, great entertainment, and warm, welcoming people, visitors will never be bored in this city. During winter, the city is particularly appealing as there is a lesser crowd and lower prices. When in Rome, be sure to take photos of the numerous monuments and ancient ruins around the city. Visitors should be sure to check out St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Spanish Steps. The food in Rome is also delicious and worth trying. With lower prices for hotels, restaurants, and attractions around the city, winter in Rome is a great time to see all that the city has to offer.
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Well known for its beautiful scenery, numerous resorts, and a wide variety of food and drinks, Amalfi Coast has so much to make any vacation exciting and unforgettable. The mild temperature also means that one does not have to deal with the extreme heat while enjoying the adventures here. Just engaging in a walk around the scenic streets and browsing through the shops is a great way to spend winter here, but there are lots of other things to see and do. Some popular attractions to see here include – the Emerald Grotto, the Cathedral of Amalfi, and the long beach. The sunsets here during winter are also amazing and worth witnessing at least once.
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