The love of Italy's food, art, traditions and way of life as told through the stories of young artists, businessmen and craftsmen.
Summer is upon us, as is the festive spirit that comes with the anticipation of overseas getaways and self-love breaks. It's certainly an indulgence and change of pace for city-dwellers to slow down and enjoy the little things, but for those who live and breathe Italian culture, celebration is a way of life that, in itself, is worth celebrating.
Paying homage to la bella vita, Tod's new project brings together young creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world to share how they are imbibed with and inspired by the values of the contemporary Italian lifestyle.
Aria d'Italia, which means "air of Italy", is sorted into eight chapters of moving and still images. Each mini documentary zooms in on a few individuals that embody one of eight different Italian values: pleasure, timeless, imagination, craftsmanship, passion, heritage, joy, and boldness.
Accompanied by evocative narrations and some exclusive quote illustrations by Pietro Terzini, the new wave of Italian talent surely has a passion for creativity and heritage that is joyous in an infectious way. And clearly, sunlight in Italy hits different; watch the video to see so for yourself.

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