“A Real Boy: The Many Lives of Pinocchio,” the new exhibit at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA), is generating quite the buzz on the West Coast.
It’s no lie, “The Adventures of Pinocchio” — written by Italian author Carlo Collodi in 1883 and later adapted to film by Walt Disney — is one of the most iconic tales in children’s literature, and IAMLA has managed to channel the story’s magic and light-hearted morality into the new exhibit.

The Italian language version, “Le Avventure di Pinocchio,” is one of the rarest items on display, as it’s one of only six copies of the original book that remain.

There’s a menagerie of puppets, framed sketches, costumes and a collection of translations, from Vietnamese to Arabic, that show the profound global reach of this book (which has been told in more than 260 languages, a number exceeded only by the Bible).

“What I think is fascinating is that each of these places makes Pinocchio theirs, He’s adapted to suit their audience,” said Marianna Gatto, an ISDA member and the executive director of IAMLA.
The exhibit opened this past November and will run through Oct. 15, 2023.

ISDA Staff
Courtesy of IAMLA
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