The walking festival of the Western Algarve took place from 4 to 6 November. 
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Barão de São João was once again the stage for a festival that unites art and hiking. The event was attended by around 750 participants, who took advantage of the good weather to enjoy a full programme of activities for the whole family. Walks, themed tours, mountain bike routes, workshops, activities for children, wellness sessions, mural painting, documentary screenings, a concert and even a poetry soiree.

The participants, sold out 45 activities of the 85 proposed in the programme, registering a total of around 1300 registrations, which means that many visitors took advantage of the diversity of the offer and signed up for more than one activity.

This was the first post-pandemic edition, without any type of health restrictions, where socialising among participants turned out to be one of the high points of the event.

Once again, there was an increase in the participation of families as the programme included several activities, such as treasure hunts, yoga for children, walks for parents and children, landart, activities on the importance of water, mural painting, among others.

This year, the event had participants from 20 different countries (Portugal, Germany, Iran, United States of America, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, France, Belgium, Israel, Bulgaria, Brazil, Luxembourg, Spain and Poland).

The inaugural tour of the art installation took place on the first day of the festival and was attended by the President of the Algarve Tourism Board, João Fernandes. During the tour, guided by the 16 local artists, it was possible to appreciate the 17 works of art conceived especially for the festival and exhibited in various parts of the village and in the forested area of Barão de São João. There was also time for a surprise performance by the Barão de São João choir, the involvement of the local creative community being one of the most important features for the success and differentiation of this event.

The artist Jorge Pereira continued the mural painting on the outside wall of the Cultural Centre that he started in the 2021 edition, where participants could again collaborate.

This year, some of the walks were marked by interventions by partner artists who, in addition to surprising the participants, reinforced the intimate connection between art and nature that this festival seeks to highlight.

The bar of the Cultural Centre was once again the meeting and socialising point for all the visitors, who took advantage of the terrace and the warmth of the sun, functioning as a space in which people came together throughout the three days. There was also a dedicated space for local artisans to exhibit their products.

Another new feature was a space where activities took place every day, the Barão ConVida, located in the centre of Barão de São João, which allowed a greater number of participants to circulate through the streets of the village.

The festival returns in 2023, from 3 to 5 November, a 6th edition that is already on the agenda and itinerary of nature and art lovers.
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