Otranto is one destination with stunning beaches and many interesting sites to explore. Let’s look at the town’s top attractions for tourists.
The picturesque and historical city of Otranto, often known as the gem of Salento, is a labyrinth of cobblestone alleyways, breathtaking views, and antique defenses. Otranto is among the most attractive and scenic villages in Puglia because it combines heritage, architecture, scenery, and incredible beaches. Visitors will adore its stunning ancient town, the scene of numerous medieval conflicts that contrast with magnificent views of the Salento coast's azure sea. It's a fantastic location for decompressing and taking in the sunshine and fresh sea air. So, if folks want to unwind while simultaneously discovering a new place and learning a new culture while traveling, this is the location to go.
The Castello Aragonese has been among Otranto's most well-known icons through its position practically above the ocean and a formidable yet majestic stone facade. The present structure was built towards the end of the fifteenth century; the medieval castle soars above the azure sea with fortifications, walls, vaults, and turrets. A deep moat surrounds and protects the castle's perimeter, and you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the harbor and the old town from its defenses. It is accessible to everyone and occasionally hosts various temporary events and displays.
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The Cathedral of Otranto has been regarded as one of the biggest churches in the region and is a great representation of the Romanesque style. The Roman Catholic temple is devoted to the Advent of the Virgin Mary and is called the Basilica Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata. The rose glass pane and the baroque doorway are two of the Cathedral's distinctive features, making it a genuinely intriguing synthesis of several artistic movements. The church's full length is covered in a stunning mosaic floor that features scenes from the Old Testament that are arranged around a tree of life motif.
Chiesa di San Pietro is a Byzantine cathedral that dates to the tenth century. It is the best representation of Byzantine art and may be the best among all of Puglia. The church has breathtaking frescoes with Greek inscriptions that go back to the Cathedral's beginnings, despite the fact that it might appear simple and similar to several others from afar. The little church, which is simple to get to and is located in a peaceful piazza, is worth the short trip to Otranto. Visitors should definitely spend some time viewing the church.
Since Otranto's founding as a historic Greek village in history, the city's famed harbor has been in use. As the evening sun touches the skyline and happy couples stroll hand to hand in the historic hamlet, fishing vessels wobble in the breeze.
Due to its advantageous location on the eastern tip of the Salento peninsular shoreline, the port rose to prominence during the Roman period. Otranto once had a position of greater significance for the Romans than Brindisi. Otranto was held by the Byzantines, followed by the Normans hundreds of years later. Today, Otranto's harbor, filled with exciting taverns and cafes, is best viewed at sunset.
There are several incredible beaches near Otranto that one must see if they are in the region going along the coastline.
Baia Dei Turchi is among the best beaches in Italy. The Bay gets its name from the fact that, formerly, the Ottomans arrived here prior to attacking Otranto. With its pristine blue lake and snow-white sand, visitors will be smitten by Baia Dei Turchi.
Porto Badisco seems to be a bay distinguished by cliffs, tiny sand and gravel shores, and a sparkling sea. The coast is a beautiful wonderland that has influenced photographers and artists. It is absolutely a stopover one shouldn't skip if they are seeking the ideal seaside day out in the Otranto area.
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Masseria Panareo is located in a sizable yard and has an outdoor swimming pool offering sweeping views of the Puglian landscape. Both the car park and internet access are free.
The guest rooms are decorated in a traditional country design, and several have high ceilings common to the area. Every room comes with a flat-screen television and climate control. Regional, fresh ingredients are used to prepare local and Italian meals at the Panareo Masseria diner. Numerous wines are available to go with meals.
The ancient building that houses the Hotel Palazzo Papaleo, which includes a rooftop patio with a jacuzzi and a modern design using marble, mosaics, and chrome, is still in use.
The guestrooms are elegantly decorated with wooden flooring, airy, and spacious. Every room offers a sleek washroom with amenities, including a hairdryer and toiletries.
Every morning, the Palazzo Papaleo offers a breakfast buffet, which guests can take advantage of in the summertime on the deck. The chic bar serves beverages, and visitors can pamper themselves with a spa treatment or a Turkish bath.
Basiliani-CDSHotels is an eco-friendly hotel with a summer pool, café, and air-conditioned rooms. It also has traditional stone accents and large verandas. Several guestrooms are in the extension and have a deck, while others are in the main structure. A television, free internet access, and a personal washroom are included in each elegant room.
The dining at Basiliani serves traditional Italian fare and delicacies from Puglia and has a sizable terrace. The spa has saunas, Turkish baths, and an indoor swimming pool with a hydro treatment section where visitors can unwind.
Otranto is among the incredible locations people can explore on vacation to Puglia. The city justifies a spot on the schedule for Italy because of its blend of heritage, culture, architecture, and beauty. So, start to plan a trip around Italy and ensure to add Otranto to the schedule.
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