Think creamy cashmere and chic Scandi-style knits
Imagine a mountain chalet nestled in an enchanting landscape, where evergreen trees tinge the snowy peaks with incredible colours and spread sweet alpine scents throughout the crisp, dry air. Only the sounds of a crackling fire break the silence, as the sun’s rays make the first snow of the season glisten. Since childhood, all your winter holidays have been spent here and as soon as the threshold is crossed, as you walk over the creaky parquet floor, a rush of happy memories flood back. The comforting nostalgia of it all fills you with joy. It’s where you feel most at home.
As soon as you arrive, you run to the wardrobe and pick out one of the jumpers you left there last time, ready to embrace the winter temperature. Feeling its soft, durable weave instantly makes you feel warm and safe.
This is the exact feeling Loro Piana seeks to evoke with its Holiday collection, filled with special pieces designed to last a lifetime and leave you in enviable comfort. Familiar shapes, cosy silhouettes, gentle fabrics and soft hues that make us feel protected.
Ideal for wearing inside or outdoors, the sporty feel of the new collection combines the peace and tranquillity of relaxing at home with the energy of being in the fresh air. Pieces feel effortlessly stylish with a timeless appeal, standing out for their minimalist aesthetic and off-duty charm.
The Holiday collection offers a complete range of clothing, consisting of outerwear, knitwear and trousers that can be worn either individually or combined for complete looks. Outerwear includes windbreakers, technical vests, jackets and coats in shearling or CashFur (Loro Piana’s original interpretation of cashmere), while knitwear ranges from ponchos, roll-necks and jacquard jumpers to crewneck tops and hooded scarves, all designed to be paired with neutral bottoms or wool leggings.
Among the accessories are luxe shearling ankle boots, snow boots made of baby cashmere, CashFur or calfskin, and white-soled hiking boots, alongside the brand’s classic Sesia tote bag, now available in a super soft CashFur option.
The true heroes of the collection are the luxury fabrics that define the range: including cashmere baby cashmere and silk insert embellishments, plus more luxurious coarse hair, CashFur and shearling – all of which provide a unique texture to the clothes. As well as the impressive fabrics, the colour palette aims to reflect hues found in an alpine landscape, ranging from cool tones of snowy white and berry blues to warmer notes of creamy marzipan and cappuccino.
Each piece in the Holiday collection reflects Loro Piana’s extraordinary craftsmanship. The styles embody a deep connection to Italy, characterised by elegant design, attention to detail and genuine care for the environment.
Indeed, this love of nature runs through the collection – its combination of luxury and sport speaks of an aspirational lifestyle that promotes harmony between the wearer and the environment, which encourages us to go beyond the clothing and explore how the garments make us feel.
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Photoshoot location: House Aqua Bad Cortina in San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy


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